Minimalistic budget management

'Left to spend' takes an approach to budget management that is entirely different from all other budgeting apps. Instead of overloading you with features and options 'Left to spend' cuts to the core of the task and gives you an immediate and intuitive overview of your current financial situation. Get it in the App Store.

'Left to spend' WON'T:
- Ask you to input your recurrent monthly expenses
- Ask you to categorise your spendings
- Show the location of your spendings on a map
- Present you with with a chart of your expenses
- Require you to sync your data with an online server in order for you to feel safe that your spending history won't be lost
- In fact, it won't even keep a history of your spendings

Instead 'Left to spend' WILL:
- Tell you, at any time, how much money you have left to spend!

If this sounds extremely simple, it's because it is! The truth is: managing a budget is REALLY REALLY simple. A lot of people make a lot of money by first telling you that this a complex problem and then selling you complex solutions this solve this problem, but the reality is that budget management essentially boils down to the following requirement:

money spent < money earned

As long as this is the case, that the amount of money you spent is smaller than the amount of money you earn, you have your budget (and thus your personal finances) under control. It is this simple philosophy that is the core idea behind 'Left to spend'. It is budget management at its core. It is a personal finance app stripped of all features. Let this liberate you!

How it works:

To use 'Left to spend', all you need to do is set up a daily allowance that you KNOW won't break your budget. To calculate this amount, simply subtract all your monthly expenses (bills) from your monthly income and divide the result by 31. Every day this amount will be added to your total allowance. Whenever you spend money you simply open 'Left to spend' and enter the amount, which is then subtracted from your total allowance. If your total allowance is running low, you need to slow down your spending and wait for your allowances to accumulate. As long as you never get below 0, you'll never have to worry about money again.

This amount of simplicity might not be comfortable for all, at first. Some might even be a bit scared by it. After all, we've been brought up to think that managing money is something difficult. Something that most people can't do properly. With its simple approach to budget management, 'Left to spend' turns its back on this notion. Managing a budget should be simple and satisfying, and least of all time consuming. With 'Left to spend' you get an easy, no-BS, overview of your finances at any time along with the satisfaction of knowing exactly how much you have left to spend before you need to feel guilty.


The simplicity of 'Left to spend' comes packaged in a crisp, one-size-fits-all, minimalistic interface for just $0.99.

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