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Watch hundreds of hours of comedy and stand-up from all around the world, right on your iPhone! The new Comedy! app from the Unknown Artists gives you access to over 6500 video clips from more than 700 comedians from all around the world, with new content being added every week! Get it in the App Store.

Do you ever find yourself bored to death while riding the bus, train etc. without having anything to do? Have you ever wished you just had some kind of source of entertainment to pass the time? Have you ever wanted to watch some of the best stand-up and comedy sketches in the world from some of it's best performers? Have you ever wanted to be able to do that on your iPhone or iPod Touch?

If so, you're in luck! Our brand new 'Comedy!' app allows you to do just that. It comes packed with hundreds and hundreds of hours of entertainment that can be streamed directly to your iPhone. Watch some of the funniest comedians in the world perform all their best shows.


There are literally thousands of videos to get you started and the comedy library is updated every week when new content is added.

This app is the real deal. Where other apps just gives you jokes and quotes 'Comedy!' instead gives you the actual performance. Whether you love ventriloquists like Jeff Dunham, british comedians like Ricky Gervais (the man behind The Office), the classic entertainers like Bill Cosby or anyone else, you are sure to find them in this app. With more than 700 comedians from over 20 countries you are pretty much guaranteed to find all your favourites.

A complete list of comedians

Also, this app is a non-subscription service! Once you buy you will have unlimited entertainment for the rest of your life. The 'Comedy!' app is currently available for $0.99

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