A never-ending stream of entertainment

Watch hundreds of hours of comedy and stand-up from all around the world, right on your iPhone! The new Comedy! app from the Unknown Artists gives you access to over 6500 video clips from more than 700 comedians from all around the world, with new content being added every week! Watch stand-up, comedy and sketches from all your favorite performers.

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Minimalistic budget management

'Left to spend' makes managing a budget simpler than ever before. Instead of overloading you with features like the ability to categorise your expenses, setting up multiple accounts and configuring recurring payments and incomes, 'Left to spend' just answers the simple question: "Do I have money to spend, right now?".

To use 'Left to spend', all you need to do is set up a daily allowance that you KNOW won't break your budget. Every day this amount will be added to your total allowance. Whenever you spend money you simply open 'Left to spend' and enter the amount, which is then subtracted from your total allowance. If your total allowance is running low, you need to slow down your spending and wait for your allowances to accumulate. As long as you never get below 0, you'll never have to worry about money again.

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Contact and support

If you have questions, suggestions, need help or just want to contact the Unknown Artists, you can do so by sending an email to:

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